NEW BATCH! Human-Grade Hackberry-Smoked Chicken Breast Jerky Strips

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
Save 30%

We are committed to bringing you only the healthiest treats for your dogs! All our treats contain minimal ingredients and are minimally processed.

  • QUALITY: Hand-crafted in Nebraska in a human-grade USDA facility
  • INGREDIENTS: USDA chicken breast meat and a hint of vegetable glycerin for maintaining freshness and chewy texture-- that's it--no cheap GMO fillers, artificial colors or chemical flavor enhancers.
  • VALUE: Each 8oz bag contains 11-13 jerky strips. See bundle sizes and save on 2 or more bags.
  • TEXTURE NOTES: New batch is stellar! It is chewy. If you liked our previous batch, you will LOVE this new chewier style. 
  • ALL SIZE DOGS: can be fed whole or pinched off into smaller pieces to use as training treats.

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