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  • USDA CERTIFIED: Single-ingredient dog chews sourced from grass-fed free-range cattle found on small ranches in Argentina. Processed in a USDA certified facility.
  • VALUE: 100% bull pizzles at a smart price. The price of USA made bullys have sky-rocketed. Thus, we are always on the lookout for special deals we can offer folks who may be on limited incomes, or that have multiple dogs in their family. If you have large dogs and want thick or jumbo sized sticks for a great price, check out our current "crunchy bulk sale"
  • LIMITED AVAILABILITY: These are usually just offered to select feed stores. However, we were able to secure a few cases because we have friends in high places. These bullys are hand-trimmed by “gauchos” (South America Cowboys), then hung to bake in USDA Certified ovens. The result produces unique looking sticks! They are flat in shape. Most of the Standards have a 'meaty' appearance to them. (better photo being added, the one shown does not do them justice. It is the photo we took of the irregular ones being offered at a deeper discount). 
  • MAINTAIN ORAL HEALTH: Bullys are natural muscle fiber. They stimulate gums and clean teeth. Great alternative to RAWHIDE since they are not chemically treated and are fully digestible.
  • NATURAL: Smooth muscle & tissue from bulls. No chemicals used in processing. Cattle not given growth hormones or antibiotics 

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