GRAB BAG SALE 30-40% OFF! 1 LB USA Bully Stick Combo: 2” Bites, 3-5” Juniors and 6-9” Standards - One Time Only Batch!

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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Just in from Nebraska!  If you have different size dogs, this is the perfect deal for you. Even if you only have one size dog, sometimes you want to give a small chew and sometimes you want to give a larger one. The bully sticks will range from 2 inches to 10 inches, most are 2-6”. The sticks are Thin to Standard in circumference, ideal for small to medium dogs. Not recommended for dogs who inhale treats because some of the sticks are bite sized. But at this price, you could give those away and still pay less than a 4.5oz bag of 6” bully sticks. 

 To put the deal in perspective, our 1 LB bags of bully bites from this same butcher  are $24 per LB. You’ll get some taller sticks 5-10”, which sell for $45/LB

 For those of you that own doggy daycares or training facilities, these are great inexpensive gifts for the holidays to give to clients. 


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