6 Inch USA Standard Steer Sticks 8oz (13-14 pack)

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  • QUALITY: Our gourmet line of bullys & steers are made in America from top grade pizzle. No fillers or harmful additives. 7oz will be 13-15 thin sticks, ideal for dogs under 10 lbs
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT: 100% Beef. No growth-hormones. No cheap fillers or harmful chemicals.
  • LOW ODOR & EASY TO CHEW: Perfect for puppies and older dogs. Less trimmed which adds more flavor than a traditional smooth bully stick.
  • PROVIDE ORAL CARE: Natural muscle fiber stimulates gums and flosses teeth... naturally giving your dog a whiter smile.
  • FULLY DIGESTIBLE: Since bullys are made from lean organ tissue and smooth muscle, they are fully digestible and will not cause blockages like rawhide or bones made from synthetic materials. They will not splinter like cooked bones.
  • SANCHO & LOLA GIVE BACK: A generous portion of proceeds from all our products goes to canine rescues and sponsoring dogs found in "crisis conditions."