1"-3" Bully Sticks Juniors & Bites 2 LB Bulk- Low Odor

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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  • QUALITY: MADE IN USA. Single Ingredient. 100% Beef Pizzle. Rawhide-Free, Grain-Free Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free. 
  • NUTRITION: bull pizzle is high in protein and low in fat.
  • OUR HOLISTIC VET RECOMMENDS THEM: rawhides can cause GI distress, bones can splinter, antlers and hooves can break teeth. 
  • DENTAL CARE: natural muscle fiber stimulates gums and flosses teeth... naturally giving your dog a whiter smile.
  • LOW ODOR: these are not odor-free like our black angus shorties & bites, these will have a slight aroma. 
  • REDUCES ANXIETY during a time your pup is being crate trained.
  • SIZE MATTERS: for best results and safety, it's important to get the appropriate size stick for the size of your dog. These Shorties could be considered a decent size chew for very small dogs. For dogs over 8 lbs, they will be "bully bites".
  • SUPERVISION RECOMMENDED: this is especially true with larger dogs. Small hard chews of any kind can pose a choking hazard if your dog has the tendency to inhale, rather than chew on them.

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