5-7" Candy Cane Steer Sticks - Odor Free - Available November 2019

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
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  • USA MADE: our gourmet Steer Sticks are 100% beef. No growth-hormones. No cheap fillers. No harmful chemical additives.
  • GENTLER CHEW THAN A BULLY: perfect gift for puppies and older dogs. Steer meat is from younger cattle. Thus, not as tough as bully sticks coming from mature bulls. For large dogs or aggressive chewers these will be more of a luxurious "TREAT."
  • ROASTED TO PERFECTION: these canes will be slightly different than the other steers we carry. They are roasted in their own juices so the texture is slightly oily. Dogs love the flavor!
  • ODOR-FREE: roasted steer sticks have very little moisture, thus, they will not stink.
  • FULLY DIGESTIBLE: Will not cause blockages like rawhide or bones made from synthetic materials. They will not splinter like cooked bones can.

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