NEW BATCH! Human-Grade Hackberry-Smoked Chicken Breast Jerky Strips

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
Save 25%

We are committed to bringing you only the healthiest treats for your dogs! All our treats contain minimal ingredients and are minimally processed.

  • QUALITY: Hand-crafted in Nebraska in a human-grade USDA facility
  • INGREDIENTS: USDA chicken breast meat and a hint of vegetable glycerin for maintaining freshness and chewy texture-- that's it--no cheap GMO fillers, artificial colors or chemical flavor enhancers.
  • VALUE: Each 8oz bag contains 11-13 jerky strips. See bundle sizes and save on 2 or more bags!
  • TEXTURE NOTES: New batch is stellar! It is chewy. If you liked our previous batch, you will LOVE this new chewier style. *Great deal just added on an irregular experimental batch. Same human grade breast meat, just came out dry and gold due to lack of vegetable glycerin and the experiment of adding turmeric. (This batch is a case in point on why dog jerkys need a tad of vegetable glycerin added.)
  • ALL SIZE DOGS: can be fed whole or pinched off into smaller pieces to use as training treats.

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