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JUST IN FROM NEBRASKA!  From the same butcher who custom-makes our thick-cut maple-smoked pig ears.

We are excited to now offer new “Pig Ear Krunchers.” They are slices of pig ear drums (cochlea). Cochlea is Latin for “a spiral-shaped cavity forming a division of the internal ear in most higher mammals "spiral cavity of the inner ear."

Before you turn squeamish--they actually look and smell delicious! They are loaded with collagen so GREAT for joints. They are crispy, tasty gourmet dog treats made in a human-grade commercial kitchen. They are not as small as our pig ear strips that come packed 35-40 per pound. These new Krunchers come 15-16 per pound. They are about the size 1/3 of a whole pig ear. They are fully digestible and great for any size dog! We struggled what to call them because they do have a “shrimp-like” shape. When you get them, you are welcome to weigh in.

* Growing up on a goat farm in Marfa, Texas, I was taught to use every part of the animal (lamb, cow or goat), that gave his life so we could put food on our table.  My Grandma did not let anything go to waste, she found a way to use everything, often making the organs and feet into tasty treats for our dogs and cats. I feel proud to be able to carry on that tradition by sourcing single-ingredient chews made "farm to table" (whenever possible.) For instance, organic chicken feet are made here in Texas. Our beef tendons, steers sticks and roasted cow ears are sourced and made in Nebraska.  All our chews provide dense nutrients like protein, collagen, glucosamine & chondroitin.  


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