12 Inch USA Thick Bully Sticks- Bulk Sizes Low to Moderate Odor

by Sancho & Lola's Closet
Save 20%
  • BEST QUALITY: MADE IN USA. Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free. 
  • SEPT/OCT 2018: You can score sticks at a great discount by selecting "crunchy" or "irregular". Crunchy just means we graded them out for being cooked a bit too long. Irregular means we graded them out for being ugly or deformed looking.
  • NUTRITION: Bull pizzle is high in protein and grain free – a naturally healthy snack for your dog.
  • DENTAL HEALTH: Bully sticks are natural muscle fiber, which stimulates gums and cleans teeth.
  • GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO RAWHIDE: Our bullys are safe dog chews – they are not chemically treated and they are fully digestible. 
  • QUALITY CONTROL: our bully sticks are hand-weighed and hand-graded. But we are humans, if our team missed something, please let us know! Keep in mind we grade by weight, not just circumference. Two sticks can be same circumference but their weights might put them in separate sizes. 
  • SANCHO & LOLA GIVE BACK: we donate to canine rescues and sponsor dogs found in "crisis conditions."

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